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BURGLARY SUSPECTS CAUGHT: CERES - Two young men were arrested Saturday, June 13 after they allegedly reached through an apartment window at 2004 Evans Road to steal a woman's wallet.

At 1 a.m. the victim's boyfriend saw the screen open and the two suspects leaving and unsuccessfully chased them. As he was later leaving the complex he saw the same two males coming over a wall. Pretending they weren't the suspects, the pair asked the boyfriend if he was the guy who was chasing two guys earlier. Deputy Chief Mike Borges considered it their way of disassociating themselves from the crime as they returned to their apartments.

Officer Steve Carvalho interviewed both males and arrested Brian Corona,18, and a 14-year-old Ceres boy. The pair had dumped the wallet and gloves they were wearing over on Evans Road.

Corona was booked on charges of residential burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The minor was booked into Juvenile Hall on residential burglary charges.

LOUD NOISE CALL LEADS TO DRUG ARREST: CERES - A June 13 complaint of a loud party at 1625 Richland Avenue led officers to four males, one of which had drugs on him.

As Officer Joe Wren arrived at 3:34 p.m. and approached the car where the gathering was, he saw Julio Juarez-Barragan, 34, of Ceres, reach inside of a white Dodge pickup, as if to discard something. The officer searched the vehicle and found two baggies filled with a substance believed to be methamphetamine. Another bag was found on the suspect.

Juarez-Barragan was booked for possession of methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine for sale.

CAUGHT WITH A STOLEN CAR: CERES - An alert owner spotted his stolen 1997 Honda Accord sitting in someone else's driveway on Saturday, June 13, which led police to arrest the alleged thief.

At 6:03 p.m. officer Jason Brock went to a driveway on Fantasy Lane and saw the Honda, which was stolen at 6:59 a.m. on June 10 from the 2100 block of Laurel Avenue. As the Honda was being driven off, Brock got behind it and caught up with it at Herndon and Sonora. The driver, Ramon Melendez, 20, of Ceres, fled on foot but was caught near Tuolumne School. He was arrested for auto theft and possession of a stolen vehicle.

It's believed that Melendez was in the process of stripping the Honda when he was found.

SHOTS FIRED ON ANGIE: CERES - Police are searching for the person or persons who fired guns in the 3400 block of Angie early on the morning of Sunday, June 14.

At 1:34 a.m. shots were fired in a parking lot behind Jack in the Box on Hatch Road. Deputy Police Chief Mike Borges said that a warehouse on Angie has been the site of after hour and weekend parties. Witnesses said a Honda Accord and a dark-colored SUV sped away from the scene after shots rang out. Officers stopped a Honda Accord near Richland and Hatch but its occupants claimed they were not involved and that a window on the car was broken by an irate female at the gathering. Discovered in the car was a loaded .38 caliber revolver that did not appear to be fired. Casings found at the scene indicate that a .22 caliber handgun was fired.

Michael Valdez, 19, of Modesto, went to jail, however, for being an ex-felon in possession of a handgun, carrying a loaded handgun in public and for carrying a concealed weapon.

SQUABBLE LEADS TO CAR THEFT ARREST: CERES - If you steal a car, it's not wise to draw attention to yourself. That's a lesson that Vanessa Muhammad, 28, of Modesto, didn't learn - until Monday, June 15.

Police dispatchers received a call at 4:35 p.m. about two women who were arguing loudly in the McDonald's parking lot at Hatch and Herndon. Officer Jason Brock got behind one of the women's cars as it was leaving and stopped it. He learned that the 1996 Lexus 300 had been reported stolen out of Vallejo earlier in the day.

Muhammad had been arguing with a woman who lived with her. She was arrested and booked on charges of auto theft, possession of stolen property and a parole violation.

SIX ARRESTED IN LARGE FIGHT: CERES - An attempted collection on an old debt landed six people in jail in what police termed a "large fight" in the 2500 block of Morgan Road on June 14.

The six showed up at a residence to collect on a debt from an occupant of the house. Police said they received calls at 6:43 p.m. after the residents told the intruders to leave and some tried pushing their way inside and were forced back out. Police said that the squabble began to heat up just as a brother of one of the victims arrived and began to defend his brother. At one point a suspect threw lawn ornament through the glass window. As units arrived, suspects were trying to leave.

Five of the six suspects are Hughson residents. They are:

• Jeremy Langan, 30, who was booked on charges of residential burglary, conspiracy, felony vandalism and brandishing a weapon (a pitchfork).

• Justin Langan, 27, booked on charges of conspiracy, and felony vandalism.

• Omar Ochoa, 21, booked on charges of conspiracy and felony vandalism.

• Tomas Ochoa, 22, booked on charges of conspiracy and felony vandalism.

• Mary Langan, 32, booked on charges of residential burglary, conspiracy, felony vandalism and evading a police officer.

Miguel Becerra, 25, of Modesto, was booked on charges of residential burglary, conspiracy, felony vandalism and brandishing a weapon (stun gun).

NABBED WITH STOLEN JEEP: CERES - Officers acted quickly on a Turlock police broadcast to look out for a stolen 2006 Jeep Commander headed for Ceres on June 16 and found it and arrested a suspect

At 5:30 a.m. Officer Lorenzo Beltran located the Jeep at Second and North streets and arrested Brent Beringer, 23, of Turlock. He was charged with auto theft.

The vehicle belonged to his former girlfriend.

LOADED GUN CARRIES MAN TO JAIL: CERES - Gillesandre Arvizo-Ramirez, 22, of Modesto, was arrested for DUI, and carrying a concealed loaded firearm in his vehicle during a much less serious traffic violation stop on Wednesday, June 17.

At 12:50 a.m. officer Freddy Ortiz made a stop on the suspect at Richard and Margaret. The officer noted that Arvizo-Ramirez was intoxicated and a search revealed a loaded .22 caliber handgun.

CAR JACKING REPORTED: CERES - Police are unsure about reports from a drunk man who claims that his vehicle was carjacked on Wednesday, June 17.

At 2:13 a.m. an 18-year-old Modesto man called 911 to report he was a victim of a car jacking at Hatch and Central. The teen said he ran home in west Modesto before deciding to call 911 at least 30 minutes later. He initially said it happened in a parking lot but later changed his story that two gang members took it at gunpoint at Central and Hatch.

PAROLEE HIDING IN TREE: CERES - Ceres parolee Jason Qualls, 29, was arrested June 18 by officer Steven Carvalho after fleeing from Roeding Heights Park and hiding in a large tree in the 2900 block of Standford.

Qualls, wanted for violating the terms of his parole, was arrested at12:58 p.m.

HUSBAND KNIFES WIFE: CERES -Timothy Mayglin, 58, of Ceres, was arrested June 18 for assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence after he allegedly stuck his wife with a knife.

At 5:44 p.m. police were called to the domestic fight in the 1600 block of Peachwood Ave. The couple had apparently been fighting over an adult son who was drunk at the residence. Deputy Police Chief Mike Borges said that when the first officer arrived Mayglin's wife had a steak knife stuck in her leg and was seated in a wheelchair as the husband was readying to take her to the hospital. According to the report, the woman threw the knife at her husband but missed. When he threw it back at her it stuck her in the leg.

RAILROAD VANDALISM REPORTED: CERES - Pacific Union Railroad detectives are attempting to find the person who is responsible for pulling up enough railroad spikes and straps to threaten a train derailment, said Deputy Police Chief Mike Borges.

Police received two calls last week about someone pulling up stakes, the first in the area of Whitmore Avenue. The second time someone was spotted in the area of Service and Lucas at 1:28 a.m. on June 18.

Borges said it's believed that someone is trying to cash in the scrap metal from the theft.

DOING DRUGS IN A CAR: CERES - Two persons were arrested after they were allegedly high on drugs while parked in a car near Independence Park on Friday.

Officer Joe Wren passed by the parked car at 2:20 a.m. and saw two persons attempting to duck out of view. When he checked on the occupants Wren smelled marijuana. He later found Vicodin, marijuana and hashish oil.

Juan Acevedo, 29, of Stockton, was arrested for possession and his companion, Elizabeth Sandoval, 23, of Ceres, was arrested for public intoxication.

TV SHOP RIPPED OFF: CERES - The owner of Ceres TV Sales and Service at the corner of Fourth and Lawrence streets reported the theft of a $250 part on June 16.

At 11:32 a.m. the owner set a projection lamp on the counter as he believed that the suspect was going to pay for it. She grabbed the item and ran and jumped into a four-door gray Chevy Suburban. The woman was described as being Hispanic, aged between 25-28 years old, with brown eyes, and shoulder length curly brown hair, standing at approximately 4-foot-7 and weighing 145 pounds. She was wearing a red or brown shirt and blue pants.