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• MARIJUANA PLANTS FOUND: CERES - Police discovered an illegal marijuana growing operation on Thursday when someone falsely reported a dead body at the home in the 700 block of Foster Drive.

Detectives and officers showed up at 4:26 p.m. to secure the house and look for the reported body. It appeared that the call was a ruse to get officers to the house in a timely fashion.

In the backyard were growing 23 pot plants.

Police obtained a search warrant to go inside the house where two pounds of processed marijuana were found along with a shotgun. Lt. Brent Smith said the occupants appeared to be illegally tapping into electrical lines as they converted the bedrooms into a cultivation area.

Juan Carrillo, 20, of Ceres, was arrested and charged with possession for sale and cultivation of marijuana.

• GUN WIELDING SUSPECT ARRESTED: CERES - The Ceres Police Department Street Crimes Unit received a tip on Sunday that led them to an armed suspect in the 1700 block of Midway Avenue.

Officers received the tip at 9:42 p.m. and responded with a team who found Robert Beltran, 25, who bolted when he saw them coming. Beltran ran into the house at 1708 Midway and surrendered after throwing a sawed-off shotgun into a bathroom.

He was booked for possession of sawed off shotgun and a Sheriff's Department warrant.

• PURSUIT ENDS IN ARREST: CERES - The driver of a stolen vehicle was arrested Friday at 1:05 a.m. after he led officers on a pursuit.

Officer Keith Greibel spotted the stolen vehicle at Fifth Street and Whitmore Avenue and attempted to pull the driver over. However, Jesus Garcia, 19, of Ceres, sped from from Sixth and Whitmore to an alley on Thomas Avenue. He was stopped leaving the alley onto Fifth Street and tried to flee on foot. Garcia was hiding in a backyard in the 2000 block of Fifth Street where he had time to buds from 12 marijuana plants growing there.

Garcia was arrested and charged with leading officers on a pursuit, auto theft, possession of stolen property and obstructing or delaying an officer.

• MAN CITED FOR MOLESTING WOMAN WITH CAMERA: CERES - Ronald Marcos, 52, was cited by police on Tuesday, Aug. 28 after he tried to take photos of her up her skirt of a female customer at Factory 2 U store on Hatch Road.

The woman gave a good description of Marcos, who was found by Officer Brian Peterson. He admitted taking the photos and had the photos still on his camera.

He was cited with misdemeanor sex offense.

• DRUNK DRIVER HITS SECOND CAR: CERES - Raquel Zamora, 53, of Modesto, was three times the legal intoxication limit when she hit another motorist on Sunday evening.

Zamora was driving a 2004 Mustang northbound on Faith Home at 10:24 p.m. when she pulled out in front of an eastbound 2004 Ford Expedition on Hatch Road. Zamora registered a blood alcohol content of 0.24.

Both vehicles sustained minor damage. The driver of the Expedition complained of back pain suffered from the crash.