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• ROAD RAGE LEAVES MAN HURT: CERES - A man who confronted another driver in the street about erratic driving behavior ended up getting hurt when the driver allegedly retaliated and ran into him.

The incident happened as traffic was backing up on Mitchell Road due to road construction at Hatch Road on Friday afternoon.

At 3:45 p.m. the driver of a Dodge maroon mini-van was weaving erratically in the traffic backup. Another driver, Lani Parker, 50, of Modesto, got out to confront the driver about his driving. As Parker was in the road, the driver of the mini-van took off out of the #1 into the #2 lane and struck him. Parker flew up over the windshield, sustaining lacerations to his right knee. He was transported to Memorial Medical Center in Modesto for treatment.

The driver, described as a Hispanic male in his 30s, was last seen headed eastbound on Hatch Road. Witnesses said the mini-van was older, probably a 1985 to 1987 model. Anyone who may know about the driver - who could face assault with a deadly weapon charges - is asked to call Ceres Police dispatchers at 538-5712.

• ARMED ROBBERY: CERES - Detectives are seeking clues about the man who robbed the Wienerschnitzel restaurant on Wednesday evening, May 30.

At 9:55 p.m. a suspect described as either white or Latino in his 20s and a medium build of 160 pounds and wearing a black Raiders jersey, jeans, bandana and white shoes, jumped over the counter and removed the entire cash register. He ran out the door with it, running northbound across Hatch Road towards La Morenita Restaurant.

Nobody was hurt nor was a weapon seen during the robbery.

Ceres Police Department is asking anyone with any information or who may have witnessed a man running across Hatch Road with a cash register to contact the Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers at Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers, 1 (866) 60-CRIME, or by texting tips to TIP704 with the number "274637" in the wording.

• BAT HITS TEEN'S HEAD IN FIGHT: CERES - A 16-year-old Ceres boy sustained head injuries during a May 31 fight between gang factions at the Ceres Labor Camp.

The fight allegedly started near Ceres High School between Norteno and Sureno gang members and spilled over to the 1900 block of Herndon Road where a knife and baseball bats were used.

The boy, struck in the head by a bat, was taken to Doctors Medical Center for treatment.

Police said those at the scene were providing conflicting statements.

• PAROLEE TRIES PASSING FAKE BILL: CERES - Police arrested a man Saturday after he allegedly tried to pass counterfeit money at a store and then tried to evade police during a chase.

The incident occurred at 12:41 p.m. when a clerk at AM/PM on Hatch Road reported that a customer tried to pass a fake $10 bill. As the suspect tried to leave the store, officers Ross Bays and Ron Collins showed up and followed the suspect in a green 1994 Geo Metro eastbound on Hatch Road. The suspect was traveling at 60 mph on 45 mph limit Hatch Road until he turned on southbound Central Avenue. Bays tried to pull over the suspect but he sped off.

The suspect then turned onto Academy Place, not knowing it dead-ended into a church and Christian school parking lot. A number of church-goers were present so Bays tried a pit maneuver in the parking lot to end the chase. He was successful in getting the suspect's car to stop without hitting other vehicles.

When the car stopped, Modesto parolee Jared Boone, 24, tried to flee on foot. He was eventually subdued with baton strikes and then handcuffed.

Boone said he ran because he was addicted to heroin and did not want to go through withdrawals while in jail. He was arrested and charged for parole violation, felony warrants for drug possession, attempting to pass a fake bill and leading police on a pursuit.

• BURGLARY SUSPECT NABBED: CERES - A 26-year-old Modesto man was arrested for burglarizing a home where the occupants were sleeping Saturday morning.

Ceres Police Lt. Brent Smith said Luciano Antonio Delgado, 26, of Modesto, broke into a home in the 1900 block of Riesling Drive and began filling DVDs and a Wii console into a plastic trash bag. At 2:46 a.m. the man of the house heard noises and checked on a room where he saw a black-shirted suspect bending over and putting items in a bag. The resident didn't say anything and went back to the bedroom to call 9-1-1.

Something startled the thief who left the bag behind a couch as he fled the house. Delgado tried to get away by jumping fences but was caught by officers who set up a perimeter. Delgado was apprehended in front of a residence in the 1900 block of Stonum Road where the victim made a positive identification.

Police said the would-be thief was disconnecting a flat screen TV when he was interrupted.

Delgado was booked for residential burglary, delaying a police officer and violating the terms of his probation.