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• BURNING CAR YIELDS BODIES: HUGHSON - A homicide investigation is being conducted in connection with two bodies found inside a car that was fully engulfed in flames while sitting inside of an orchard.

The fire was reported at 2 a.m. Sunday in an orchard on Charles Street, north of Hatch Road. After Hughson firefighters put out the flames they discovered the charred bodies of two persons. Identities have not been made.

The car was described as a midsized passenger car.

Sheriff's Department investigators are looking at the incident as homicides. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call sheriff's Detective Jon McQueary at (209) 525-7099. Callers can leave an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers at (209) 521-4636.

• SHOTS LIKELY FROM GANG MEMBER: CERES - Police are investigating a shooting that took place Labor Day in the 1300 block of Richland Avenue.

Persons called 911 at 5:10 p.m. Monday after hearing gunfire. Witnesses said the shooters appeared to be members of the Norteno gang. Police responded quickly but found no suspects nor victims and only shell casings in the parking lot of the apartment complex to prove there was a shooting.

• ROBBERY IN PARK ENDS IN ARREST: CERES - Officer Brian Peterson drove up on a robbery taking place in Roeding Heights Park on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 30 and ended up taking one of two suspects into custody.

At 10:44 p.m. Peterson was driving by the park when he saw two black males accosting a 21-year-old victim. One was armed with a knife. Before Peterson could reach the suspects they had taken a cell phone from the victim before fleeing through the park. Officers quickly located Jabari Mins, 18, of Modesto, and his knife. Mins has been charged with robbery.

The second suspect slipped away despite a yard to yard search.

The victim sustained a cut to face caused by being struck in the face. He was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

• ALLEGED CAR THIEVES ARRESTED: CERES - Two Ceres men were arrested Sunday after they allegedly stole an SUV and then drove recklessly on Ceres streets.

Michael Connlin, 31, and Burris Fisher, 25, both of Ceres, attempted to shake a Ceres officer but were arrested and booked on charges of auto theft and leading a police pursuit.

Officer Brian Albonetti spotted the SUV being driven recklessly at 5 p.m. in the 3100 block of Whitmore Avenue. When he tried to pull the driver over, things quickly escalated into a pursuit. The suspects pulled into an apartment complex and crashed into a fence, and ran into an apartment complex where a friend offered them a set of keys to another vehicle. Both tried to drive slowly out of complex but were spotted by Officer Steve Carvalho who noticed both were acting nervous and sweating profusely. Carvalho detained them and found they were the occupants of the SUV, which had been stolen from a Keyes address.

• DUI ARREST MADE AFTER CHASE: CERES - A 22-year-old Hughson man faces charges of DUI, reckless driving and leading officers on a pursuit following an incident on Thursday, Sept. 1.

At 12:09 a.m. an officer saw a brown pickup being driven at 80 mph eastbound on Service Road at Mitchell Road. A second motorist had to pull over to avoid being hit. when police activated their red lights to stop Davinder Dosanjh, 22, of Hughson, he kept fleeing. He blew through a number of stop signs during the chase and then the pursuit was called off. However, off-duty Sgt. Pat Sullivan continued to follow Dosanjh until he finally turned down Seventh Street in Hughson and pulled over.

Dosanjh appeared to be intoxicated and was uncooperative with the arresting officer.