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• SHOTS TAKEN AT HOUSE ON MOFFET: CERES - A home and vehicle in the 2100 block of Moffett Road was struck by approximately six rounds late Monday, Aug. 9 in a second attack.

No one was injured in the drive-by attack, which is suspected to be gang related.

A residence and vehicle parked in the driveway had been shot half a dozen times with different caliber firearms. Officers also found a bottle containing flammable liquid inside the vehicle. The wick was lit but went out and thus the contents did not ignite.

A dark blue Honda was seen leaving the area.

At midnight on July 25 the same house was targeted.

Ceres detectives are working tirelessly to identify those responsible for these shootings. They are encouraging anyone with information to contact Ceres Police Detective Perry at 538-5730 or the Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-866-60-CRIME; or text tips to "274637" TIP704 in the wording.

•GAS STATION WINDOW SMASHED: CERES - Suspects smashed the glass plate window at the Valero station at Fourth and El Camino avenues in downtown on Aug. 9.

Police believe that the suspects stole lottery tickets in the 4:27 a.m. crime.

• MAN SHOT WITH PELLET GUN: CERES - A man sought treatment at the hospital after he was shot with a pellet gun as he was picking up aluminum cans Sunday afternoon at Nadine and Richland avenues.

The 45-year-old victim was in collecting recyclables at 2:48 p.m. when he heard popping sounds and felt a sting in his side. Not thinking he was shot, he continued on his way home where he realized he had been shot. The victim was transported to Memorial Medical Center by ambulance for removal of the pellet.

"You can kill someone with a pellet gun," commented Lt. Brent Smith.

• DRIVE-BY SHOOTING: CERES - Over 20 9mm shell casings were found Sunday outside a house shot up in the 2000 block of Glenridge Drive.

The occupied house was peppered with rounds at 3:35 a.m. with several bullets entering the living room, garage and upstairs bedrooms. No one was struck.

A suspect wearing a white T-shirt and dark pants was seen leaving in an unknown vehicle.

• WALMART THEFT ENDS IN PURSUIT, CRASH: CERES - The theft of flat-screen TVs from the Ceres Walmart early Saturday morning resulted in a high-speed pursuit which ended in a head-on crash on Highway 99 in Turlock minutes later.

Walmart store security personnel called police at 12:15 a.m. to report two men walked out of the store with three TVs. A short while later a motorist called to report he was following the suspects in a gold-colored 2001 Jeep Cherokee with missing plates as it traveled on southbound Mitchell Road. Officers Dennis Perry and Joe Wren were in the area and picked up on the tailing at Seventh and Maud streets in Keyes. The officers initiated a traffic stop and the suspects pulled over. They then floored it it when the officers were out of the car. At that moment a high-speed chase was on. The suspects got on Highway 99 at Taylor Road entering the freeway going southbound on the northbound off-ramp. The suspects got off at West Main Street and then entered the freeway once again going the wrong way. About a quarter-mile later the suspects collided head-on with another vehicle in the northbound lanes. Occupants of the second car sustained only complaints of pain.

The suspects attempted to flee but were apprehended at gunpoint by Street Crimes Unit Sgt. Part Sullivan. One suspect was apprehended by Perry after a brief altercation. An overweight suspect found it harder to escape while hiding in the bushes.

Arrested were Jose Centeno, 18, and driver Ismael DeLeon, 28, both of Salida; and Anthony Ravella, 31, of Modesto. Each face charges of commercial burglary, conspiracy, and failure to yield to a police officer.

Walmart officials believe the trio were involved in similar thefts.

• ARREST MADE IN DRAG RACING: CERES - Michael Atwell, 24, of Modesto, was arrested after Officer Coey Henson saw him drag racing on eastbound Whitmore Avenue on Friday.

The arrest came after midnight. The other driver got away.