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22-year-old arrested after firing gun atop overpass
Omar Rangel.jpg
Omar Rangel

A 22-year-old Patterson man who fired a weapon while driving over the Pine Street overpass was arrested early Saturday morning.

Nobody was injured in the shooting.

Officer Eric Souza was on patrol in downtown Ceres at 1:45 a.m. when he heard gunshots coming from the nearby Pine Street overpass. He spotted a silver sedan moving westbound across the overpass and flashes of light above the vehicle coinciding with reports of gunfire.

Souza caught up to the car at the intersection of Pine Street and Central Avenue and initiated a high-risk traffic stop at Central Avenue and Service Road. Taken out of the car was driver Omar Rangel, 22, of Patterson, and two adult passengers. After all three were detained, officers searched the car and found a .45-caliber handgun magazine on the rear floorboard and a .45-caliber handgun under the passenger seat.

Officers determined that Rangel had fired the handgun as he drove over the overpass. He was arrested and booked for negligent discharge of a firearm and discharge of a firearm from a vehicle.