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Antique gun taken in traffic stop
Ceres Cop Car

An unloaded antique .38-caliber handgun was seized Sunday morning while the man who had it under the driver's seat was arrested for misdemeanor warrants.

Officer Justin Canatsy initiated a 1:16 a.m. traffic stop in the 1600 block of Herndon Avenue and questioned Brandon Arevalo, 21, of Modesto. The officer located the handgun under the seat as well as black air soft pistols and counterfeit currency. Arevalo told the officer that the air soft pistols and fake money were merely props for making rap videos. He explained that he never attempted to pass the fake bills, which were wrapped around paper to make the roll look like a large amount of cash.

However, a check on Arevalo noted that he was wanted for two misdemeanor warrants. One warrant was for $10,000 and issued for a traffic citation in San Bernardino County, and the other for a $3,000 warrant for petty theft.

Ceres Police Department spokesman Lt. James Yandell said the gun and fake currency were kept for destruction.