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Arrests made in fracas at Rusty Nail
Alejandro Barajas
Alejandro Barajas

Two Manteca patrons of the Rusty Nail in downtown Ceres were arrested early Sunday after they allegedly fought officers trying to make an arrest over a prior assault.

Officer Adam Hall was patrolling the area of Fourth and Lawrence streets at 12:52 a.m. when he saw four to five men in a yelling match. As he approached them the group split apart but continued yelling. A woman told the officer that an assault took place and the victim, bleeding from the head, confirmed it and pointed out the group of males walking toward the parking lot behind the Rusty Nail.

The victim began exchanging words with the alleged assault suspect as Hall moved in to grab him. Several of his friends began pulling the suspect away from Officer Hall with Alejandro Barajas, 23, of Manteca, giving him a push.

Officer Hall was unable to detain the suspect (who was never identified) and instead went for Barajas, ordering him to the ground while holding onto his arm. Barajas refused and pulled away but was forcibly taken down and handcuffed by a second officer. 

More officers arrived, one of whom arrested Luis Enrigque Reyestorres, 25, of Manteca, for public intoxication. As he was making the arrest, Jennifer Castaneda, 28, of Manteca, tried to stop the him. Officer Hall pulled Castaneda away from the arresting officer. She became agitated and walked back to Officer Hall swinging her hands at him, striking his arms as he covered his face. 

She was forced to the ground and handcuffed. 

Police determined all victims alleging an assault patronized The Rusty Nail. Barajas and Castaneda were both booked for battery on a peace officer and obstructing a public officer.