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Attack with rebar leads to assault arrest
Las Casitas Mobile Home Park neighbors have been feuding
Ceres Cop Car

A longstanding feud between two neighbors in Las Casitas Mobile Home Park led to a Sunday afternoon fight where the victim was injured with iron rebar and the suspect arrested on an assault with a deadly weapon charge.

Police were called to the park at 2:32 p.m. and found a 50-year-old resident of the park bleeding from lacerations to his forehead he said were inflicted by his neighbor during an altercation.

Police learned that the victim and next-door neighbor Jose Martinez, 46, of Ceres, have had verbal conflicts over the past year. The verbal spat led to a hand gesture which escalated to a physical fight. During the fight, Martinez allegedly grabbed a piece of iron rebar and struck the victim in the forehead as the victim used a wooden broom to protect himself. He then allegedly struck the victim several other times with the rebar.

The fight was broken up by another man living in the park and police were called.

The victim also had dried blood covering his left hand and an abrasion on his left bicep. He was treated at the scene by paramedics.

Martinez was booked for assault with a deadly weapon.