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Auto theft, assault suspect arrested
Ceres Police logo

Acting Hayward Police Department’s help in finding a Ceres man who had allegedly committed a prior assault with a knife in their city, Ceres Police made a dramatic arrest on Saturday afternoon in the 2200 block of Dale Avenue.

Ceres Police Dispatch received word at 12:12 p.m. for officers to look out for Ruben Olvera, 29, of Ceres, who stole a vehicle and was reportedly on his way back to Ceres. At about 3:30 p.m. Officer Nicolas Welsh got a LoJack hit for the stolen vehicle in the area of Ceres Police Department headquarters. The stolen car was found abandoned in the alley between Second Street and Central Avenue just north of El Camino Avenue.

While recovering the stolen car, officers responded to a report that Olvera was at a home. They saw  men on the front porch, one of whom was Olvera. Officers began giving them orders to walk out towards the patrol cars but both refused. Officer Charles Rushing began moving forward with his canine Odin. Other officers followed and closed the distance. Officers continued to give the subjects orders to get down but refused.

As the men were taken to the ground, Olvera reached for a knife but officers gained control of his hands.

The other male was a relative who was trying to calm him down and surrender peacefully, fearing reaching for the knife would get him hurt or killed.

Officers Rushing and Tony Scopesi transported Olvera to Hayward to be released to Hayward police detectives.