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Beachwood Drive stop nets two arrests
Ceres Cop Car

Two occupants of a car pulled over early Saturday by a Ceres Police officer were booked on charges - the first for possession of a controlled substance and the second for felony warrants tolling $201,000.

At 1:59 a.m. Officer Matt Berlier made a traffic stop on the vehicle in the 2200 block of Beachwood Drive for vehicle code violations. Passenger Joel Torres, 23, of Modesto, stated he was on searchable probation while dispatchers noted Torres had two felony warrants for his arrest. Torres was arrested and Officer Berlier conducted a probation search of the vehicle, which had been driven by Joseph Montalbo, 24, of Modesto. On the passenger floorboard was an empty prescription bottle with the label ripped off; in the center console was a large prescription bottle of promethazine which had its label partially removed; and between the front seat and the center console was a smaller bottle of promethazine which also had part of its label ripped off.

During questioning Montalbo said the promethazine belonging to him and both bottles were prescribed to him. He provided additional information of why the labels were ripped off which the officer found suspicious. Montalbo was arrested and charged with possession of a narcotic controlled substance since he was unable to provide a prescription.

Torres was booked on two felony warrants with combined bail amounts totaling $201,000.

Both individuals were transported to the County Jail.