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Bicyclist avoids officer because of drugs
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A 31-year-old man who was obviously avoiding contact with Ceres Police Officer Brian Peterson was ultimately stopped and admitted to having drugs on him.

Peterson was on patrol in the 2800 block of Caswell Avenue at 8:28 p.m. on Monday evening, July 6 when he saw three men riding bicycles eastbound on Caswell Avenue. He parked ahead of them to make contact with them but noticed that one of them, Apolonio Gomez, 31, flipped his bike in the opposite direction. Peterson drove off after him, riding alongside of him until Gomez flipped direction again. When Peterson finally stopped Gomez and asked why he was being evasive, the suspect announced because he had "dope" in his pockets.

Gomez was searched and found with a baggie of suspected methamphetamine, broken spark plug parts used to shatter windows, various tools and a meth pipe hidden in his groin area. Gomez was arrested on charges of possession of burglary tools and possession of narcotics.