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Bizarre acting man arrested for threatening to kill store clerk
Gerardo Plancarte
Gerardo Plancarte

A 27-year-old Modesto man who was acting mentally off was arrested Wednesday afternoon, June 10 after he allegedly uttered threats about killing a store clerk at the 7-Eleven on Herndon Road.

Earlier in the day Gerardo Plancarte, 27, of Modesto, was making a mess in the store parking lot and the clerk asked him to leave. He complied but returned a few hours later to make another mess. When Plancarte was asked to leave the second time, he allegedly told the clerk that he would slice the clerk’s neck while making a motion with his finger across his neck. The clerk believed she would be attacked if she continued to ask Gerardo to leave so she contacted police.

At 12:06 p.m., Officer Scott Faure arrived and found Plancarte in front of the store. He became verbally aggressive toward the officer, saying that he had been stabbed despite having no injuries. He also told the officer he was deaf, that his family was all dead and that Officer Faure was harassing him.

Plancarte made bizarre statements about him needing to deliver coffee and wanting to file a report about the clerk not selling him a soda. Plancarte refused to provide his name to the officer. Due to his bizarre behavior and the fact that he was the suspect in making threats towards the clerk, Plancarte was handcuffed.

Plancarte was advised that he was under arrest for making criminal threats and refused to provide his name. He was then transported to the Stanislaus County Jail where he was positively identified through his fingerprints.