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BMW impounded because of speeding

A 25-year-old Ceres driver had his newer BMW impounded Nov. 17 after he was observed by a Ceres police officer speeding down Hatch Road.

Harmanpreet Singh, 25, of Ceres, later admitted to police that he wanted to impress his friends by speeding down the road. He was cited for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

At 10:21 p.m. an officer was westbound on Hatch Road when he saw an eastbound 2012 BMW driven at a high rate of speed. The officer heard the BMW engine revving as he approached. The officer made a U-turn and accelerated to catch up with Singh. Singh pulled into the Radio Shack parking lot and then accelerated into the residential area of Giddings Street. Singh slowed to 5 mph until he stopped in the intersection of Petola and Giddings streets. Additional officers arrived and they took Singh and his passengers out of the car.