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Car stop ends in arrest for warrants
Turlock duo arrested
Brian Burgess, 36, (left) and passenger Rene Agundez, 36, both of Turlock, were arrested in Ceres on Jan. 3 for warrants.

An early Friday traffic stop for expired registration on Crows Landing Road near Hackett Road ended with the Turlock driver being arrested for two warrants, one for a felony weapons charge.

At 12:15 a.m. Sgt. Travis Hudson pulled over driver Brian Burgess, 36, who first provided a friend’s name as his own. Burgess stated that he did not have a license to drive however Sgt. Hudson found a valid license record under the name given to him. When confronted, Burgess admitted to using his friend’s name because of the warrants and provided his true identity. Burgess had a misdemeanor warrant issued in Merced County for drug and traffic related offenses and a felony warrant by Turlock Police for weapons offenses. In addition he faces charges of providing false information to a police officer to make another person liable. 

Passenger Rene Agundez, 36, of Turlock, was arrested for a no-bail warrant for probation violations.