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Carjacking alleged
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A 52-year-old Ceres woman was arrested last week after police said she tried to carjack a pregnant woman's car possibly while under the influence of drugs.

Citizens called 911 at 9:43 a.m. on Jan. 7 to report the erratic behavior of Cynthia Lee, 52, of Ceres. Lee was walking in the area of Central Avenue and Sequoia Street. When patrol cars appeared, Lee first ran eastbound and then switched directions to approach a Honda Accord stopped at the intersection.

Lee attempted to open the door of the Honda, driven by Alicia Sanchez, 41, of Ceres. The pregnant driver was fearful and reached over to lock the passenger door. Lee yelled "Let me in!" and ran to the rear passenger door, opened it and climbed inside. As Lee slid across the rear seat, she placed her hand on Sanchez's shoulder. The driver froze in fear and instinctively wrapped her arms around the unborn child. The next thing that she remembered was seeing Officer Norberto Castro grabbing Lee and pulling her out of the car as Lee was yelling for the driver to "Go! Go! Go!"

Lee kicked Officer Castro as he pulled her out of backseat to the ground where she was arrested after a brief struggle.

Irrational and seemingly on drugs, Lee was arrested and charged with carjacking, threatening a peace officer and violating the terms of her probation.