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Ceres man, 21, jailed after fleeing officer
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Driver Jesse Smith Reyes, 21, of Ceres was arrested for evading police after he was seen speeding on Whitmore Avenue and tried to evade the pursuing officer on Tuesday evening, Feb. 2.

At 11:27 p.m. Officer Adam Hall attempted to stop Reyes’ vehicle as he accelerated southbound onto Mitchell Road. The chase ended up westbound on Service Road at speed of over 70 mph. Reyes made a sweeping turn onto northbound Central Avenue and ducked into Colony Park Mobile Home Park at 3939 Central Avenue. 

Officer Hall initially lost sight of the vehicle but a citizen pointed to the south and Officer Hall was able to find the vehicle when it stopped between rows.

Officer Hall held the occupants at gunpoint until officers backed him up. The driver and his female passenger were ordered from the vehicle and detained.