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Ceres Police Department issues a warning about local scam

The Ceres Police Department has received a number of calls regarding a phone scam that is being circulating in Ceres.

The scam works this way: A victim receives a call from someone claiming to be from law enforcement, saying that a vehicle registered in their name has been found full of drugs or blood (there have been several variations) and that a warrant for their arrest has been issued. The caller asks the victim to verify their Social Security number, while telling the victim that they have suspended their Social Security number. They tell the victim that they need to get a Google play card and load it with money to send to them to clear up the warrant and/or reinstate their SSoS number.

No local, state or federal law enforcement agency will ask for a Google play card, money gram, iTunes card, bit-coin or similar form of currency to clear a warrant. The Police Department suggests that those who receive such calls to hang up and block the number from which it came. Never give out personal information, especially a Social Security number, over the phone.