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Ceres police pursuit ends in arrest in Empire
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A speeding motorist led Ceres Police Sgt. Pat Sullivan on an 18.9-mile pursuit that ended in a Saturday arrest in Empire.

At 1 a.m. Sullivan spotted Brandon Wingard, 21, speeding at approximately 100 mph in the area of Mitchell and Service roads as it entered southbound Highway 99. Sgt. Sullivan caught up with the driver but Wingard accelerated as the California Highway Patrol was called to assist.

The chase steered off at Keyes Road and went down Mountain View and Tully roads. Wingard allegedly slowed to a near stop on Walnut Avenue but then accelerated again. The chase approached Geer Road and onto northbound Geer Road at speeds of up to 100 mph.

Meanwhile, Wingard called 911 dispatchers to report he was being chased by an officer and that he just wanted to his girlfriend's house on Lambuth Avenue in Oakdale. Apparently he was in rage over his girlfriend dancing with her ex.

Wingard's car ran out spike strips laid out at Geer and Service but continued on to Empire. A PIT maneuver was made on northbound Church Street in Empire.

Wingard had a 0.13 blood alcohol content (BAC) and was arrested for DUI and felony evading of an officer.