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Complaint about RV leads to discovery of drug lab
Andrew Manriquez  drug suspect
Andrew Manriquez

Ceres Police discovered a clandestine drug lab inside of an RV reported to the city for being parked on the street too long and on Wednesday arrested a 25-year-old Ceres man who allegedly operated it.

Ceres Detective Mike Vierra, along with other members of the Stanislaus County Special Investigations Unit, went to the 1600 block of Manny Lane at 10:44 a.m. to follow up on an anonymous tip provided through the city government outreach app “GOGov.” A citizen reported the RV had been parked at the curb for an extended period of time. Vierra spoke to Andrew Manriquez and noticed precursors of a Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) lab so a warrant for a search was obtained.

Police said the RV was set up as an extraction or conversion lab using solvents. DMT is extremely strong and potent which produces hallucinogenic effects like those of psychedelics, like LSD and “magic mushrooms.”

Manriquez was arrested and $10,000 in cash was seized at his residence. He faces charges of manufacturing a controlled substance.

The Stanislaus County Drug Task Force is conducting a comprehensive investigation. Anyone with information who would help with this investigation are asked to call the Ceres Police Investigations unit at 538-5700, ext. 5425 to leave a message for Det. Vierra; or call Crime Stoppers.