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Couple arrested in Grandview building trespassing
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Two persons were arrested Monday, Dec. 1 after they were found inside the abandoned Salida Head Start headquarters at 1317 Grandview Avenue with drugs in their possession.

A citizen called police at 10:33 a.m. to report suspicions of squatters in the building since the board that covered the rear door was removed.

Officers showed up and found two persons inside a darkened classroom. Sgt. Jose Berber said that transient Ruben Garza, 44, tried locking the door on officers to no avail. After forcing the door open, police found Garza and Erminia Salinas, 36, along with three knives and a glass methamphetamine pipe containing crystal meth. Neither claimed ownership of the pipe.

Garza was charged with possession of a controlled substance, violation of probation, trespassing and delaying or obstructing an officer.

Salinas was charged with possession of a controlled substance, trespassing, and delaying an officer. Because she failed to tell officers of the marijuana in her purse Salinas received an additional charge of attempting to bring contraband into the jail.