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Delhi man arrested after stalking, grabbing ex at Walmart
• Ivan Aguilar-Najera also grabbed and kept her cell phone
Ivan Aguilar-Najera
Ivan Aguilar-Najera, 20, of Delhi.

A 20-year-old Delhi man was arrested at the Ceres Walmart after he allegedly stalked, harassed and grabbed his ex-girlfriend.

Police were called at 8 p.m. on Tuesday evening, Oct. 1, by witnesses who believed they were watching a strong-arm robbery and who was sitting in a black Dodge Charger in the parking lot in front of Walmart. Officers Eric Souza and Christian Izquierdo saw the Charger begin to leave and stopped the car to detain driver Ivan Aguilar-Najera, 20, of Delhi.

The victim told police that Aguilar-Najera, her ex-boyfriend, bothered her as she sat with a friend in the McDonald’s inside of the store. The woman refused to speak with him so Aguilar-Najera followed her out to her car without her knowledge. Aguilar-Najera allegedly came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and restrained her. She ordered him to let go but he refused, telling her she needed to talk to him or force him to leave.

Several passersby in the parking lot noticed and began to yell at Aguilar-Najera to let her go. The victim was able to yank away from Aguilar-Najera and make it back into the store. The victim rejoined her friend inside the McDonald’s, setting her phone down on the table. He followed and grabbed her cell phone and refused to return it. He then left the store and sat in his car. 

Aguilar-Najera was holding the phone when he was detained. Aguilar-Najera was arrested for domestic violence, grand theft, and false imprisonment.