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Domestic violence charges await Ceres man, 24
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A couple's reported argument over money on Nov. 5 ended with reports of a kidnapping and arrest of the male for domestic violence.

Daniel Alcantara, a 24-year felon living in Ceres, was arrested after 9:31 a.m. after police officers located the car he was driving with his girlfriend against her will.

According to police, Alcantara and his live-in 21-year-old girlfriend were at their home on Margaret Way when the argument developed. The suspect allegedly yanked on his girlfriend's hair. A friend then drove her and the couple's three children to her parent's house in the 2700 block of Pyramid Avenue in Ceres. Alcantara followed and found his girlfriend sitting inside the friend's car. Alcantara pulled the girlfriend by the arm, ordering her back to his car. She later told detectives she felt obligated to comply to avoid upsetting her mother. The victim's newborn was being held by the friend as the couple drove off. As Alcantara drove by the house of the victim's parents, where the friend was standing with the newborn child, he allegedly aimed a handgun at them.

A Be On The Lookout was broadcast to police agencies for a burgundy colored four-door car. Officers posted a watch on Alcantara's home and then surrounded the car as he arrived. Alcantara was arrested without incident.

Officers searched the home and found the felon in possession of 9mm ammunition and a loaded 9mm Glock magazine. A pellet gun was also located. No firearms were inside the home or in his vehicle.

Alcantara was charged with domestic violence, probation violation and being a felon in possession of ammunition.