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Driver cited for being under the influence
Ceres Cop Car

Chad Bennett, 28, of Ceres, was cited for DUI and released for his nearby home after an officer stopped him early Thursday morning.

Officer Kiashira Ruiz responded to the area of Zena Way at 2:29 a.m. regarding a possible gunshot that was heard. As she stood by to listen for sounds and check for shell casings, she heard a car speeding by her and nearly hitting her cruiser on Georgeann just south of Zena. Officer Ruiz followed and stopped Bennet on Chandra Court. She suspected he was impaired from alcohol and gave him a field sobriety test. Bennett was placed under arrest for DUI. He was questioned further about alcohol consumption at which time he admitted to drinking a Long Island ice tea prior to driving. Bennett provided a preliminary breath sample which revealed .11 percent blood alcohol content.