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Driver cited for spinning donuts
Ceres Cop Car

Jaime Perez Jr., 24, of Ceres, was cited Friday for reckless driving and not having proof of insurance after he was spotted by an officer spinning donuts in the intersection of Admiral Court and Montclaire.
Perez's Dodge pickup was also impounded.

Officer Vince Hooper was on patrol in the area of Morgan Road at 10:22 p.m. when he saw a Dodge pickup and Nissan sedan parked side by side on Admiral Court in the industrial area known area for street racing. The pickup pulled forward and accelerated rapidly and starting spinning in two full revolutions with smoke pouring from the tires.

Officer Kiashira Ruiz stopped the Nissan and issued a verbal warning about laws regarding street racing.

Perez said he was showing off for his buddy.