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Driver found with loaded gun, pot in car stop
Ceres Cop Car

A 22-year-old Modesto driver made a suspicious move during a Sunday evening traffic stop, which caused an officer to pull his gun. A search of the car turned up a loaded Glock handgun along with some marijuana under the seat where Mitchell Digiore had been reaching.

The incident occurred at 8:29 p.m. when Officer Mike Vierra stopped Digiore for traffic violations in the Chevron parking lot at Hatch and Herndon roads. When the officer saw Digiore reaching down, he drew his firearm and ordered the driver to stop moving. Once additional officers arrived Mitchell was detained.

Digiore said the marijuana was his but said the gun belonged to a friend. Digiore also told Officer Vierra he was out of bail for possession of a handgun. Digiore was booked into jail for possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle, possession of drugs while in possession of a firearm and committing a crime while out on bail.