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Drugs found in car parked in front of Kmart
Ceres Cop Car

Two persons sitting in a car parked in front of Kmart in Ceres were busted by police for drugs on Saturday morning.

At 9:30 a.m., Officer Vince Hooper was on patrol and saw a white Honda Civic with expired registration from 2012 parked and occupied. David Lipsky, 31, and Nicole Edgerley, 23, both of Modesto were on probation so the car was searched. Lipsky admitted that he had a "pipe" in the car while Edgerley stated she was a heroin user and had a capped needle in her bag on the floor.

A search turned up a small amount of heroin wrapped in foil near Edgerley's purse on the floorboard. Edgerly was issued a citation for misdemeanor drug possession and released on a promise to appear in court.

Lipsky had a warrant for his arrest for drug possession from Modesto Police and was booked.