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Felon found with guns
Female companion arrested for public drunkenness
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A 38-year-old Modesto felon was arrested early Monday after police found him with a loaded handgun in his car.

Ceres Police received a 2:45 a.m. call about a man and woman inside a Honda parked on Ariano Lane at Mira Sol Drive believed using drugs.

Officer Jon Vera hit the car with a spotlight and saw William Rodriguez reclined in the driver seat with 33-year-old Ceres resident Priscilla Anand leaning over his lap.

As Vera approached the car he saw Rodriguez reach his left hand toward the driver door. Unsure what Rodriguez was reaching for, Vera opened the door for safety reasons and saw Rodriguez was indecently exposed. Rodriguez was ordered to pull up his pants.

Both Rodriguez and Anand appeared intoxicated and reeked of alcohol. Both said they

had come from Family Pizza. 

Police found a loaded chrome .357-caliber revolver in the driver door compartment. A records check revealed the gun was not registered. Evidence of a white powdery substance was found inside the car.

The two told differing stories to police about their rendezvous. Rodriguez told police that he was at Family Pizza with Anand and the two were going to have sex so he drove her to her house in her vehicle but didn’t know about the gun. Anand, however, stated she was at Family Pizza when she saw Rodriguez who she knew from prior contacts but insisted she went home alone. While at home Anand said Rodriguez called her and stated he was outside of her house. She said she walked out to his car. Anand said she used cocaine in the car but knew nothing about the loaded gun.