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Female teen arrested for DUI
Ceres Cop Car

A citizen report of a tan-colored Cadillac being driven erratically with a possible drunken driver led to the arrest of 19-year-old Arianna Perez of Ceres on Friday morning, Nov. 25.

Dispatchers got a call at 8:26 a.m. about the westbound driver swerving all over Hatch Road near and Boothe Road, nearly colliding with another car.

Officer Kiashira Ruiz was coming from an eastbound direction when she spotted the Cadillac going towards Moffett Road. Ruiz made a U-turn and followed the car northbound onto Moffett Road and watched it speed to Riverette Drive where the driver parked in front of her residence.

Perez was not only unlicensed to drive but seemed drunk. Perez denied drinking but Officer Ruiz saw a case of beer on the floor board near the front passenger seat.

Perez underwent a field sobriety test and appeared to fail. A breath sample reading recorded a .04 percent Blood Alcohol Concentration, half the legal limit but still a violation of DUI laws because the driver is under age 21.

Perez was arrested and transported to Stanislaus Public Safety Center where she was booked for DUI.