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Former Ceres man denied parole for 2004 sexual assault
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Former Ceres resident Juvenal Oseguera-Gutierrez will not be released from prison early for a 2004 sexual assault.

The State Board of Parole Hearings determined that he is unsuitable for parole during a Jan. 7 hearing held at the Sierra Conservation Center in Jamestown.

Deputy District Attorney Elaine G. Casillas argued for continued confinement based on the inmate's lack of remorse, lack of credibility and total failure to take responsibility for the crime. Casillas further argued that not only did the inmate minimize the facts of the crime, but he also blamed the victim for his actions.

In denying parole, the board found that the crime was "cruel, offensive, reckless, and a callous disregard for the victim." Members also told Oseguera-Gutierrez, "you basically tortured her during the length of the crime...and we don't believe you have come to terms with that yet."

Oseguera-Gutierrez showed up unannounced to the victim's workplace on April 6, 2004 after she informed him she wanted to end their relationship. He grabbed her by the arm and pushed her into his car and then punched her in the face as she tried to exit and told her it was "payback time." He drove around with her in the car for the next several hours, threatening, berating and hitting her repeatedly. When she attempted to leave the car, he dragged her back by her hair. Later that evening, Oseguera-Gutierrez took the victim to a Modesto motel where, over the course of the night, he punched, kicked and hit her repeatedly with a beer bottle and a curtain rod. He also repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

The following morning, Oseguera-Gutierrez drove the victim back to the house they had been living in Ceres. He proceeded to poke and cut her several times on the arms and legs with the tip of a ballpoint pen. Ceres Police were contacted by the victim's employer, arrived at the house and arrested Oseguera-Gutierrez.

Oseguera-Gutierrez was convicted on July 21, 2005 of sexual penetration by a foreign object and sodomy by force and is serving a 15-years-to-life prison sentence.

The parole board agreed and denied parole for five additional years.