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Gang shooting at flea market
Ceres Cop Car

Police are searching for the two suspects in an unprovoked shooting at the El Rematito Flea Market on Crows Landing Road on Sunday afternoon.

A victim reported that he was trying to find a place to park in the parking lot and passed two men who apparently had an issue with his numerous Surreno gang tattoos on his arms. The pair was wearing red and suspected Norteno gang members who may have been father and son based on age differences. The older man yelled "Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!" and younger man pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and began firing at the victim who was still in his car, according to Ceres Police Department spokesman Lt. Chris Perry. At least three rounds hit the car with a round stopped from entering the victim by a door lock mechanism while two rounds hit the rear side passenger door. None of the bullets hit the man.

The victim sped off and drove directly to the Ceres Police Department where he reported the shooting at 3:07 p.m. He reported last seeing the suspects running northbound at the site.

Police investigated the scene and while unable to locate any witnesses did find three .40-caliber shell casings.

Anyone with information on the suspects or the shooting is urged to call Detectives at 538-5727.