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Hughson man arrested after disturbance
Ceres Cop Car

Alan McFadzean, 34, of Hughson, was arrested Friday evening at Alfonso's Mexican Restaurant in downtown Ceres after he caused problems at two places of business.

At 6:47 p.m. officers were dispatched to Fourth and Lawrence streets for a report of a man assaulting a woman with the suspect walking to Sweet Lu's bar or Alfonso's. Officers found McFadzean in Alfonso's lobby trying to pay for something despite not having been served there. Officer Kiashira Ruiz suggested that McFadzean had just come from the Sweet Lu's and was so intoxicated he might have thought he was still at the bar. As officers were sorting out the facts, an Alphonso's employee ran outside and yelled for officers to come to the aid of Officer Charles Rushing inside the restaurant. McFadzean had started fighting with Officer Rushing after challenging and refusing to sit down.

The suspect was positioning his arms to prevent handcuffing and officers had to deploy the taser in stun drive mode twice in an effort to gain compliance. McFadzean was able to get his hand on the Taser and tried to grab it but Officer Rushing was able to retain it. Officers were able to get the handcuffs on and had to use two pairs because of his strength.

McFadzean was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and public intoxication.