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Hughson man arrested for breaking into coin-operated vacuum
Ceres Cop Car

Andrew Scott Huddleston, 33, of Hughson, was arrested and booked on theft charges early Thursday after he was caught breaking into a coin-operated vacuum machine at Crystal Clean Car Wash, 2236 Mitchell Road.

Officer Eric Gallegos was patrolling on Mitchell Road, conducting extra patrols due to recent commercial burglaries, at 3:26 a.m. when he saw a vehicle parked next to the machine. As he pulled into the business he saw the hood of the vehicle was open with several batteries wired together near the engine compartment. At the rear of the vehicle Huddleston was standing next to the vacuum machine with a flashlight in hand and a screwdriver in the other. The control box of the machine was open and it appeared Huddleston had broken into it. Huddleston saw the officer and immediately threw the tools in the back of the vehicle. Huddleston was arrested.

Upon closer investigation, police learned that the suspect used the connected batteries to power the Dremal tool to cut into the metal box.

After the owner of the business advised the damage was about $4,900, Huddleston was arrested and booked for felony vandalism and possession of burglary tools.