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Intoxicated driver fights officers, is Tasered
Tommy Kong
Tommy Kong

A 30-year-old Modesto man had to be Tasered Friday evening, Jan. 24 after he allegedly crashed and stole a family car while intoxicated and fought with police.

The incident started at 10:13 p.m., when the family of Tommy Kong called police to report he took the family car and was driving it in the area of Hatch and Moffett roads. Officers were familiar with Kong and knew he is on probation and equipped with a GPS ankle monitor. Officers tracked his location to Nicholas Way where he was located in the vehicle. The vehicle appeared to have been in a recent crash with front-end damage and the two left tires flattened. Officers were made aware that Kong’s driver’s license had been suspended for DUI and he was still on active probation.

Kong ran from car when he saw officers approaching and fought them when he was apprehended. One officer struck Kong in the leg three times with a baton which had no effect. Kong continued fighting so a second officer tasered Kong and be was arrested.

Once Kong was handcuffed, officers were able to determine that he was intoxicated. Officers were unable to conduct a Field Sobriety Test due to his combative behavior. Paramedics arrived and transported Kong to Doctors Medical Center for treatment and an evidentiary blood sample to support a DUI case.

While at the hospital, Kong made threatened the officer’s life multiple times so additional charges of threatening a police officer were added.  Kong was booked into the Stanislaus Public Safety Center on charges of DUI, driving on a suspended license, probation violation, and threatening an officer.