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Just released inmate burglarizes vehicle
Francisco Vizcaino.jpg
Francisco Vizcaino

An inmate of the Public Safety Center was released on Monday, Feb. 18 but didn’t stay out of trouble for long. Free for a few minutes, Francisco Vizcaino, 28, of Ceres, was found taking things from a car parked in the jail parking lot and booked on new charges.

Ceres police were dispatched at 10:50 a.m. to the parking lot of the Public Safety Center regarding a burglary. The victim and a friend told Officer Randy Moore that they were walking back to their car after visiting a friend at the jail and saw Francisco Vizcaino, 28, of Ceres, sitting in the backseat, with the door open and talking on the victim’s cell phone. When Vizcaino saw the women approaching, he grabbed the victim’s purse, backpack and other belonging and attempted to run away. The victim and friend were able to trip Vizcaino and detain him until officers arrived. 

Vizcaino had just been released from custody at the Public Safety Center and was walking through the lot when he looked into the vehicle and saw the cell phone. Since the back passenger door was unlocked he decided to help himself to the phone, as he told officers, so he could call his mother for a ride. He admitted to taking the victim’s belongings.

Vizcaino was booked back into jail for vehicle burglary.