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Local arrested for vandalism
Ceres Cop Car

Dale Bearden, 36, of Ceres, faces charges of vandalism and child endangerment after allegedly throwing an object at a car and breaking its window.

The crime was reported at 9:07 a.m. on Dec. 28 at 2937 Fowler Road. Citizens had chased Bearden and detained him for police. Officers arrived to handcuff and search the suspect.

The victim reported that he was backing out of his driveway with his four-year-old child in the back seat when the object sailed into window near the child. The window shattered with glass particles on to the child. The driver got out of his car and saw the suspect briskly walking away. He called out to Bearden but he kept walking. A family member came out of the residence to see what had happened and the two of them chased the suspect down and detained him.

Bearden denied being involved however the victim said no one else was around. Officer Hooper arrested Bearden and later booked him at the Public Safety Center.