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Man arrested after mobile home park assault
Randy Markle
Randy Markle

A 41-year-old Ceres man faces two charges of assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly struck his stepmother and a man on the front porch of their mobile home early Monday.

The attack took place at 12:16 a.m. in a mobile home park in the 1900 block of Herndon Road.

When Officer Kyle Morris arrived, he found a man sitting on the front steps of a mobile home holding a towel to his head soaked with blood. A woman had suffered a laceration to her elbow and medical aid was requested for both. 

The man told police that he was sitting on the steps of his home when a highly agitated Randy Markle emerged from the field to the east and started yelling at his stepmother, who was sitting nearby, that she needed to leave with him. When the male victim told Markle that she would not be leaving with him, Markle allegedly threw a 2” x 6” board at his leg. The man said he was calling police which sent Markle back into the dark field. He returned a short time later with a 2” x 4” board and struck the man in the head, police said. Markle fled back into the field with his stepmom following and yelling for Markle to stop and wait for police. It was reported that Markle turned around and swung the 2” x 4” at her, striking her on the elbow before fleeing. 

Officers were initially unable to find Markle but several hours later he returned to the mobile home park where he was arrested for arrest for assault with a deadly weapon.