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Man arrested during road rage incident
Ceres Cop Car

An intoxicated Southern California man was arrested after he got into a fight with another motorist during an incident of road rage at Hatch and Mitchell roads on Wednesday evening, April 19.

Ceres Police Department Sergeant Keith Griebel responded to the 6:20 p.m. call about the fight between two men in the left turn lane of southbound Mitchell Road at Hatch Road. Griebel saw 26-year-old Anthony Sloss of Valencia with clenched fists and was charging toward another man who was trying to get away. The other man was pushing Sloss to create some separation and yelling for Sloss to calm down without effect. Sergeant Griebel saw Sloss continued to behave belligerently and cussing at the other man. Sloss was bleeding from the right side of his face. Sergeant Griebel yelled at Sloss and noticed signs of alcohol impairment. Sloss ignored commands to to sit down and got inside the driver's seat and was removed by the sergeant as he determined that the incident began as road rage initiated by Sloss involving other drivers which started on Mitchell Road at Finch Road.

Paramedics treated Sloss for the facial injury. He was unable to perform field sobriety test safely due to being so impaired. Sloss submitted to a preliminary breath test with results of .23 blood alcohol content, nearly three times over the legal limit. Sloss said he consumed two tall cans of beer within the past half hour prior to driving. Sloss was arrested and booked for DUI.