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Man arrested for using stolen credit card
Ceres Cop Car

A 36-year-old Turlock man was arrested at the Ceres Home Depot store on Tuesday afternoon, March 6 after he allegedly used a stolen credit card to buy $300 in merchandise.

A store employee called Ceres Police at 4:25 p.m. that a man sitting in a blue car had just fraudulently used a Home Depot store credit card at the self-checkout area to purchase several items. Officer Pat Dayton spoke to Melvin Jenner, 36, and Henry Alfonso, 39, both of Turlock, who are on active probation.

Jenner had several items in his wallet belonging to others, including credit cards, an expired California driver's license, and a Sacramento State University student ID card. The suspect claimed he had permission to use the credit card but its owner in Turlock said someone broke into their car two weeks prior and several items were taken.

When Jenner was confronted with the new information he changed his story and said he found the cards and wanted to see if they worked or had any money on them. The goods were returned to the store and Jenner, who had several outstanding warrants for his arrest from Turlock Police related to drugs and theft crimes, was booked for felony possession of stolen property, unauthorized use of a credit card, and committing a crime after previously being convicted of a felony.

During booking, Jenner had a pouch containing a small tin box with three hypodermic needles, a small metal spoon, and several small pieces of cotton soaked in heroin. Jenner was also charged with felony smuggling drugs and contraband into a correctional facility.