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Man arrested in stolen car in Herndon
Ceres Cop Car

A Modesto man who was on probation was arrested early Thursday morning after he was found sitting in a stolen car on Herndon Road.

Officer Jesus Salinas was patrolling the area of Herndon Road and Steele Avenue at 12:02 a.m. when he saw a Honda Civic missing a front plate parked on the east side of Herndon Road. A records check of the rear license plate revealed that it was reported stolen by the Modesto Police Department. Salinas stopped behind the Honda and with the help of the California Highway Patrol conducted a high-risk stop on the occupant, and a female standing on the passenger side of the Honda.

Joseph Solinger, 24, of Modesto, was detained and arrested and booked for vehicle theft, being in possession of stolen property and for violating his probation. The female was released at the scene.

The Honda was returned to the owner.