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Man cited for drunken driving after three beers
Ceres Cop Car

Roberto Rodriquez, 31, of Modesto, was cited Saturday evening after an officer saw him run a stop sign and pulled him over only to notice he appeared to be drunk.

Ceres Police Officer Jessica Graham saw Rodriguez's silver Hyundai Accent blow through a stop sign as it made a left turn onto northbound Boothe Road from Primrose Lane at 10:28 p.m. Officer Graham stopped the driver near Waynesboro Drive just east of Boothe Road. Rodriguez ran over the curb during the stop.

Officer Graham questioned Rodriguez about his alcohol consumption and Rodriguez stated he had drank three beers in the last hour. After a field sobriety test, Rodriguez was placed under arrest for DUI. Rodriguez opted to provide a preliminary breath sample with the test reflecting a 0.14 percent Blood Alcohol Content. Rodriguez was issued a citation for misdemeanor DUI and driving without a license and released to a female friend who was on scene with him at the time.