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Man dies in love triangle slaying
Suspect trackjed down hours later to Modesto motel
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A 43-year-old man was fatally shot Friday evening by his girlfriend's estranged husband who recently was released from state prison.

Adolfo Sandoval, 43, supplied a statement to police as he lie mortally wounded in the front yard at 1409 Hackett Road and awaiting an ambulance. Sandoval sustained several gunshot wounds in the upper torso and later died at a Modesto hospital.

Police learned that Sandoval had moved in with the woman who was separated from her husband, Noel Mansilla, 34, while he was incarcerated. Mansilla, described as jealous over Sandoval, gained entry into the house at 1405 Hackett Road where he confronted the victim who tried to escape into the backyard and then into the front yard. Sandoval was shot in the yard at the house and staggered mortally wounded to a neighbor's front yard where he collapsed.

Police dispatchers were flooded with 911 calls reporting the shots at 5:38 p.m. Despite his breathing difficulties Sandoval was able to speak to officers before he died.

"They did get some information from him regarding the suspect," said Ceres Police Lt. Brent Smith.

Stray bullets struck houses opposite the crime scene, said Smith, but nobody else was wounded.

The suspect fled the scene after the shooting and for several hours detectives and members of the Street Crimes Unit worked to locate Mansilla. The parolee was tracked down to America's Best Inn at 722 Kansas Avenue in Modesto at 5 a.m. Saturday morning. Mansilla was arrested without incident and booked for homicide.