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Man who chased ex on freeway wanted
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Police have an arrest warrant for the 33-year-old Modesto man who was interrupted by police in his chase of his ex-girlfriend up the freeway into Ceres.

At 10:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 2, the chase was going northbound on Highway 99 and took off at the North Street off-ramp in downtown. The woman being chased drove onto Third Street where the Police Department is located and where an officer observed what was going on. The victim stopped and told the officer that her ex-boyfriend, Rafael Alvarez, 33, of Modesto, had tried to ram her car off the freeway. Alvarez sped off.

A second officer, who was radioed about Alvarez, spotted his dark gray 2004 BMW and a chase was on northbound El Camino Avenue to Poplar Street, then Central Avenue and onto Whitmore Avenue before the suspect's car was back onto northbound 99. While on the freeway, Alvarez accelerated up to 100 mph. When Alvarez turned off his headlights, police terminated the chase.

Alvarez - has an active warrant issued by the Sheriff's Department for an assault with a deadly weapon charge - faces new charges, including evading an officer and domestic violence. The public's help is appreciated in capturing Alvarez. Anyone who knows of his whereabouts or spots his BMW (license plate # 7GYH350, should call Ceres Police Dispatch at 538-5712.