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Motorcyclist tries to outrun police but crashes
Ceres Cop Car

Christopher Wilson, 32, of Waterford, was arrested after he led police on a pursuit of his motorcycle before crashing Thursday evening.

Officer Jesse Gutierrez was patrolling at 11:09 p.m. when he noticed a motorcycle with a tail light out in the area of Hatch Road and Central Avenue. He accelerated westbound on Hatch Road after working his way between cars and accelerating at a high rate of speed. The officer caught up with Wilson at Hatch Road and Central Avenue where he tried to make a traffic stop. The rider looked back and then forward and then accelerated. The pursuit was on, reaching speeds of up to 80 mph as the motorcycle flew through a number of red lights before crashed near the Kmart parking lot.

Wilson tried to pick up his downed motorcycle to keep going when Gutierrez bumped it with his car to knock it over. Gutierrez drew his gun and ordered Wilson down to the ground at gunpoint.

Wilson stated that his brakes locked up as to reason for the crash. He was arrested and booked on charges of felony evading of a police officer and driving on a suspended license.