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Mouthwash doesn't fool police about DUI
Alejandro Palacios.jpg
Alejandro Palacios

An intoxicated driver who crashed into parked cars in the 900 block of Larsen Drive on Thursday morning ditched into a home for a quick shot of mouthwash to cover up the smell of alcohol but it didn’t fool police. Alejandro Palacios, 38, of Modesto, was arrested for DUI, probation violations, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a suspended license.

Police were called at 8:10 a.m. about the crash. Officers Eric Gallegos and Jon Vera were told by witnesses seeing the apparently intoxicated driver of a black Mercury sedan walk into a nearby house after striking three parked vehicles. They found Palacio, who admitted that he was driving and hit the cars while claiming that he had gone into his house to wash his hands and face. Officer Gallegos smelled mouthwash on Palacios’ breath and after speaking to him also smelled alcohol on his breath. Before Officer Gallegos could administer a field sobriety test, Palacios passed out. He was medically cleared at the hospital and booked into the county jail.