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Officer shoots at dog during security check
Ceres Cop Car

A Ceres police officer had to shoot an aggressive pit bull during a Labor Day security check in the 1930 block of Don Pedro Road but the bullet only wounded the dog.

Officers received a 1:55 p.m. call about a suspicious man who appeared to be possibly pouring gasoline around the house to possibly light the house on fire. Several officers responded along with the Ceres Fire Department and smelled gas coming from the garage area. Officers knocked on the door but there was no answer.

They began to notify neighbors in the immediate area to evacuate. When Officer Jeremy Caron went into the yard of 1937 Don Pedro Road to advise residents two large dogs - a pit bull and a German shepherd - came out of the garage and charged him. Caron tried to back away but was trapped between the house and the dogs. Caron fired one shot at the pit bull who was less than two feet away. The bullet ripped through its mouth yet both dogs continued barking but backed away until Officer Caron was able to escape.

The dog's owner transported the dog to a veterinary clinic where it was treated.

The homeowner at 1933 Don Pedro was eventually contacted and stated that he had kicked over a gas can in the garage while upset but had no intentions of causing harm to himself of others.