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Officers track down hit & run driver
Ceres Cop Car

A trail of spilled automotive fluid led police to a hit and run suspect who allegedly hit a parked pickup Wednesday evening, Feb. 3 while inebriated.

The collision, which occurred at 11:42 p.m. at Northern Oak Drive and Ariano Lane, pushed a Toyota truck into a front yard. It had been rear-ended but the driver who crashed into the pickup had fled.

Assuming the responsible driver had sustained vehicle damage himself, officers noted there was spilled fluid. The trail led to 3826 Old Oak Drive where they found the responsible Toyota pickup with major front-end damage parked in the garage, said Ceres Police Department spokesman Lt. Chris Perry.

Driver Parvinder Singh, 26, of Ceres, was identified as the driver. He displayed signs of intoxication and was arrested after undergoing a field sobriety test. Singh was charged with DUI and hit and run.