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Parolee captured after evading officer
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Matthew Quale, 35, of Ceres, was arrested Tuesday, July 17 after he tried to outrun an officer who wanted to pull him over for a broken taillight.

Quale was also found to be in violation of his parole and an unlicensed driver.

At 11:16 a.m. Officer Christian Izquierdo was patrolling the area of Herndon and Hatch roads when he spotted Quale’s equipment problem. When the officer tried to stop him Quale fled down Herndon and ran a red light and cut off traffic as he turned onto westbound Hatch Road. During a pursuit Quale tried to speed over the Hatch Road overpass but was stopped by heavy traffic. It was then that Quale pulled to the side of the road on Hatch Road and Morgan Road.

Quale claimed that he borrowed the vehicle from a friend and did not notice the officer behind him.  He also said he did not stop at the red light because he was in a hurry. He was booked for parole violation and several vehicle code violations.

His Sonora passenger was released.