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Police arrest Cost Less gunman from October
Ceres SWAT team engages in standoff in Modesto
Loual Cordova.jpg
Loual Cordova was flushed from a Modesto home by Ceres Police on Feb. 20. - photo by Contributed by Ceres Police Department

The man who allegedly pulled a gun that misfired on another man in front of a Ceres grocery store last October was arrested Wednesday after being flushed out of his Modesto home.

Loual Cordova, 43, of Modesto, had been wanted by Ceres Police for the gun incident last fall. Investigators say that Cordova got into a fight with another man in front of Cost Less Foods on Hatch Road and retrieved a handgun from his car. Cordova allegedly pointed his gun at the victim, who ducked behind a pillar, and pulled the trigger several times but it wouldn’t fire. Cordova ran to his vehicle and sped off. Ceres Police identified Cordova as the suspect.

Investigators learned that Cordova was living in a house on Ash Street in Modesto where the SWAT team served an arrest and search warrant at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday. After police made announcements for the occupants to come out, a woman and two young children appeared. The woman told police that Cordova was inside. For the next three hours, police made announcements over the loudspeaker for Cordova to come out. Attempts to reach him by phone proved unsuccessful. After tear gas was shot into the house, Cordova made his presence known moments later by yelling from the attic. He eventually came down and exited the residence, offering no further resistance. He was taken into custody.

A pistol matching the description of the Cost Less gun case was recovered from the residence.