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Police investigate partying teen squatters
Modesto high school student is prime suspect
Authorities say this house in southwest Ceres was targeted for a teenage invasion for a party through simple internet browsing for vacant homes. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

A teenager from Central Catholic High School in Modesto is believed to be the mastermind of a plot to takeover a vacant Ceres home which has been advertised online for sale to stage a party where underage drinking and drug consumption took place.

Authorities are warning others to not fall prey to similar acts of trespassing and vandalism.

The break-in and party activities took place on Friday evening, Feb. 12 in the 3900 block of Salmon Creek Court in southwest Ceres. Ceres Police were called about a large loud party at the residence. Officers showed up and shut down the party which was attended by about 100 young people. Broken beer bottles and signs of marijuana were found throughout the four-bedroom residence.

Police believe the teen saw the $319,000 house listed for sale on line and targeted it photos showed it empty.

Lt. Chris Perry of the Ceres Police Department said that prior to the event the organizers of the party broke into the home by breaking the sliding glass door. Some teens also knocked on the doors of neighbors and introduced themselves as the new owners, that they were moving in and celebrating with a move-in party and asked them, if any issues arose, to come and ask for them to deal with it rather than call police. However, one of the neighbors knew the owner and suspect that the house hadn't sold. The neighbor's suspicions were heightened since the party was happening before any moving trucks. The neighbor was called and in turn made a call to 911 to report squatters in her house.

Officers apprehended a few teens who supplied information about who was behind the party, which was advertised on Twitter. The owner showed up and had some of the kids clean up the mess and mop the floor. Lt. Perry said the victim didn't want to prosecute until Feb. 16 when she found the broken sliding glass door, a busted water faucet and broken window screens totaling approximately $1,800 in damage.

"We think we may have the juvenile identified who was responsible for this whole thing," said Lt. Perry.

Trespassing and vandalism charges likely await the culprit, he said.

The owner said she found her home mentioned on Twitter which asked those going to the party to respect the house and urged no drama but also saying "If you act stupid who f---ing cares."